Change is Chaos...

& Chaos can be life-changing (IF you know what you're doing)

Don’t worry - I mean the good kind of life-changing. The thing about chaos (other than it being scary and unknown) is that it’s not linear. Which means you can’t navigate it with the step-by-step processes of the thinking mind. Chaos requires intuition. 

If you’re exploring a transition or one’s been thrust upon you, there’s one superpower you already have that will truly determine your ability to thrive in this season of change…and that’s what I’m here to help you hone in on during our time together.

Soul Care Intensive

VIP day + one week Voxer coaching


7-day private intensive to map out the energetics of your current chapter and create personalized intuitive strategies to carry you forward.

You are more than just your thoughts, behaviors, roles, titles, and achievements. You are equally full of passion, genius, and spirit. Your Soul Care Intensive is meant to remind you of that by accomplishing these three things:

  • ENERGETIC INVITATIONS: We’re going to clarify what energetic medicine is available to you based on what you’re experiencing right now.

  • ADDRESSING BLOCKS: We’re going to work on the energetic, somatic, subconscious, and spiritual blocks that are currently planted on your path and how to move beyond them.

  • USE YOUR NATURAL GENIUS: We’re going to align you with your natural genius so you can navigate your next chapter with ease from a values-based sense of personal power.

Take a breath from the chaos of whatever chapter you're moving through to get the clarity, validation, and recentering you need to move forward.

Liminal Launchpad

1:1 high-touch support

Starting at $2000/mo

For business owners ready to uplevel their leadership, intuition, and natural genius for aligned success no matter the chaos

You've been at this long enough to know that success is bigger than a fat bottom line and a sexy conversion rate (though, those things are certainly part of the equation). Seasons of chaos, change, transition and burnout are meant to strengthen your mettle...not cause it to crumble. In this six month partnership, we work together to:

  • Develop your leadership, reputation, and original ideas to cement your authority and positioning not for what you've accomplished, but for who you actually are

  • Strengthen the voice of your own intuition for power-packed decision making and business planning (so you'll always know what to do, no matter what's thrown your way)

  • Deep dive into your natural rhythms for holistic pattern recognition to analyze, partner, and re-route the patterns that serve you...and the ones that don't for a life + biz of true alignment and personal integrity

  • Lean into your personal magnetism on a personal and professional level and anchor this into your branding and messaging (no more over-strategizing or overthinking - your natural strategies are so much simpler to implement and maintain)

  • Custom curated toolkit of mindset strategies, visualizations, journal prompts and affirmations to reach for so that even when we're done together - you'll always know how to have your own back

  • Hold gentle space for accountability, growth, and the blocks that present themselves on the path to becoming (both internally and externally) so you can continue your journey forward to meet yourself for who you really are with every challenge that comes up

As the world descends into chaos, this can be a slippery slope to burnout and cynicism...or it can be a launch pad for personal and professional growth.

You get to decide how to use this period of time.

If you're wanting to navigate this season of change with grace and integrity, I invite you to book a discovery call with me to explore this work further.

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